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Sept. 26, 2015
I offer my heartfelt THANKS for your TLC, sympathy and Mass cards, and all your concern and prayerful support for me and my family with the death of my brother, Harold.  He endured many sufferings during his life, so I’m sure he gets a very high place in Heaven.  Please continue to remember him and his family in your prayers. 
All parishes at this time of the year celebrate what is called Stewardship Awareness.  It’s a time to become more aware that all our gifts and blessings really do come from the Lord – and to be willing to give back out of gratitude.  Stewardship involves the “3 T’s” – time, talent and treasure.  (Some even add a “4th T” – Tithing).  The Beyond Sunday Campaign will appeal to your treasure – I wanted to offer a special appeal for your time and talents.  If you’re interested in joining one of our Liturgical Ministries (Lector, Usher, Eucharistic Minister, Choir Member, etc.) or one of our many Parish Organizations, give me a call or send an email.
The Archbishop has asked all parishes to complete a Parish Viability Survey.  The results will serve as a resource to the Office of Priest Personnel which coordinates the placement of priests in parishes.  Representatives of all Parish Organizations and any interested parishioners are invited to our Parish Center this Wednesday evening, Sept. 30th, 7:00 – 9:00pm to complete the survey.
Msgr. Norb Ernst – Pastor




On the weekend of Nov. 7/8 we would like to prayerfully recognize the veterans of our parish. As part of our celebration we list our veterans in the bulletin. If you are a veteran, please let us know.

If you gave us your information last year, it is not necessary to do so again unless the information needs to be updated.

You can mail this information to us or contact Paul Cooper at 487-2522, x 222, or pcooper@smmaparish.org.


Service Branch: (Example: Army)

Rank: (Example: PFC)

Name (Example: John Smith)

Brief description of service: (Example: Served in Vietnam from 1968-1970)