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Msgr. Norb Ernst
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Nov. 19, 2015   
Hopefully you have received the information packet and pledge card for the Beyond Sunday Campaign to be conducted by all the parishes in the Archdiocese (we’re in Block 1).  I want to thank our parish committee for their time & talent helping me with this effort – and THANKS! to those who have already made a pledge.
When Archbishop Carlson first came to St. Louis he was immediately impressed by the inspiring history of Catholic Schools here and the immense contributions to the St. Louis community made by countless Catholic School graduates over the years.  2018 will be the 200 anniversary of the 1st Catholic School founded by St. Rose Philippine Duchene.  The Beyond Sunday Campaign is meant to assure the future of Catholic Education throughout the Archdiocese. 
60% of all donations will be pooled into an Endowment managed by the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri, especially expanding Alive In Christ scholarships to include middle income families, and awarding grants to Catholic Schools for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math improvements.  40% will remain here at SMMA for the needs of our Parish Catholic School, for increased scholarships and technology needs.  I ask you to prayerfully consider a pledge over 3-5 years for the Beyond Sunday Campaign.
Our annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service is this Sunday evening, hosted by Queen of All Saints, beginning at 6:30pm.  Join me in giving thanks for all God’s blessings on our South County Community.  
Msgr. Norb Ernst – Pastor