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Media – St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish


SMMA Homilies
We record the Sunday homilies and make them available for continued reflection.  We pray that these recordings will provide an opportunity for you to reflect more deeply on your worship so that you can better live and then reflect on your living so that you can better worship.  Blessings!

Click here to access the homilies.

Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors is a series of talks by Fr Noah Waldman given as part of 4th Sunday Holy Hours at St Margaret Mary.
#1 – Prayer Warriors 1/24/16 – Download Prayer Warrior Document
#2 – Prayer Warriors 2/22/16

Series on Prayer
During summer 2015 Fr Noah Waldman offered a series of reflections on prayer.  Those presentations are recorded and available through YouTube at the links below:

#1 – Custody of the Heart
#3 – 1st Steps on the Pathway
#4 – Mental Prayer
#5 – The Way of Penance
#6 – Preamble to the Illuminative Way