• 2021 Digital Diva Dash


    Saturday, April 24, 8:00 PM

    When: April 24th, 2021. Trivia Starts at 8pm sharp, so gather your people WELL before that!

    Wait… what? : Diva Dash is typically a Ladies Only Trivia Night! This year, it will presented virtually by Questionable Pursuits Trivia Co.

    Who:  Whomever you feel comfortable gathering with! There are lots of options:
    Form a table of ten ladies and meet up at someone’s home!
    Gather a smaller group of the smartest people in your covid pod, and play together outside!
    Keep your bubble tight, and just play with your spouse*!
    Or get a group of gals together via a digital breakout room, and play together… while still far apart! *This year, due to Covid and the digital nature of this dash, questions will be for all genders. Men, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Still, adults only please.

    Where: The comfort of your own home! Or someone else’s! Just not the parish center.

    Attire: Diva’s Play Sports is the theme, so get matching olympic track suits, LGB head to toe, his and her Cardinals jerseys, your kid’s soccer uniform, whatever you want! Yes, there will prizes and trophies, so go all out!

    Cost: $25. All proceeds going straight to the purchase of air filters for the new classroom air purifiers (supplied by the auction funds!) Each filter costs $60, needs to be replaced every six months, and there are 30 of them. So, we’d LOVE to cover this new expense, and do whatever else it takes so we don’t have to homeschool the children again!!! *If you already paid for Diva Dash 2020, we still have your cash! Just let us know if you can’t remember. It was forever ago. Use this link to register for the event and pay (you do NOT need a FaithDirect account to use this link):


    Raffle: This year, everyone who registers to play will be automatically entered into ALL the raffles for ALL the amazing prizes! A hot pink Tory Birch clutch, restaurant gift cards, shopping gift cards, etc! Just our way of saying “We know this is weird… but THANK YOU for sticking with us!”

    Pros: No waiting in line for the bar! Shorter lines for the bathroom! You can pre-party, party, and post-party all in one location! You can eat and drink whatever the heck you want because you’re providing it yourself! You can play corn hole/washers/beer pong/curling with a rhumba between rounds!

    Things are different, but we are incredibly grateful for your support as we make the best of it… and help raise money for a great cause! God bless the teachers!

    Diva Dash 2022: The current Diva Squad is retiring after this year. We would love to keep this annual event going with new chairs next year. Let us know if you are interested… or this will be the last Diva Dash… which would be really sad!

    Use this link to register for the event and pay (you do NOT need a Faith Direct account to use this link):


  • Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament


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